Your Guide to a Beautiful Spring Wedding

Your Guide to a Beautiful Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful time of year – with fresh flowers starting to blossom and the warmth of the spring sunshine, it makes it the perfect season for a charming and elegant wedding. Here at the Longhouse, we have hosted many beautiful spring weddings and receptions, and therefore thought we would share some of our top tips and ideas to help you plan your perfect spring wedding too.

Choose a pastel spring colour scheme

With winter gone and spring in bloom, it is the perfect time to embrace those beautiful pastel shades and give your wedding that modern, rustic feel. Why not dress your bridesmaids in blush pink tones or Alice blue, or bring character to your venue with subtle greens and ivory? Weaving pastels into your colour scheme is the perfect opportunity to breathe life into your spring wedding.

Grow your own wild flowers

Springtime is full of fresh greenery and wild flowers, so why not save on your budget and grow your own flowers to decorate your wedding? You could use them to add colour to the bride’s bouquet, decorate the wedding cake, brighten up your centrepieces or bring life to the venue. Whatever you decide, using freshly blossomed flowers could be the perfect way to bring a beautiful spring texture to the wedding.

Use the stunning spring backdrop for wedding photos

An authentic backdrop for professional photos is often something you cannot buy, yet the spring season provides wedding couples with a naturally stunning setting to take their wedding photos in. In spring, the Longhouse wedding venue is surrounded by greenery and fresh flowers, with incredible views overlooking the valley and vineyard, to provide wedding couples with a unique location to take picturesque and memorable wedding photos in.

More choice in wedding locations

Summer is the most popular time for a wedding, however, with so many people trying to book the same dates and times, many couples are often left with limited locations to work with. At the Longhouse, we believe that every wedding day should be perfect, and that includes having the perfect wedding venue for every couple. Organising a spring wedding means that you are less likely to have to compromise on your preferred location, giving you the perfect setting for your big day.

If you are looking for a stunning wedding location to make your day one that you won’t forget, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the Longhouse website.

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