Top 5 Tips for The Perfect Summer Wedding

Top 5 Tips for The Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer is often the most popular season for weddings and it is easy to see why. The promise of warmer weather, charming outdoor venues and brightly coloured flowers make it a really beautiful time of year to tie the knot. With so many couples opting for a summertime wedding however, we wanted to help you make sure that your big day stands out from the rest. That is why we have come up with 5 top tips to help you plan your perfect summertime wedding.

1. Handcrafted invitations

Summer allows you to be a bit more daring with your wedding than usual, which is perfect for creating stand-out invitations that your guests will love. Why not use a vibrant colour pallet and stylish calligraphy to draft a unique and striking wedding invitation? It will set the tone for a beautiful summer wedding and get your guests excited for the big day.

2. Light summery food

A lot of the time, catering for your guests uses up a large part of the wedding budget, however, it doesn’t always need to be expensive. Offering a summer menu allows couples to be a bit more creative with their food, serving lighter meals such as salads and cold meats. Not only are these foods much more weather appropriate, but they are also much better for couples with a limited budget. You could even provide wicker picnic baskets with fresh breads, cold pasta dishes and salads inside, so that your guests can choose between a selection of delicious foods.

3. Fresh vibrant flowers on your cake

The summer season is filled with lots of wild and colourful flowers which are great for decorating your wedding cake. With such a large choice between colours and variety, you can select the perfect flowers to compliment your wedding day. Why not go for a bohemian style cake, layered with blush coloured roses and green ivy. Or you could embrace the summer season with vibrant sunflowers. It is a great way to add texture to your wedding cake without overspending on your budget.

4. The personal touch

One way to make your summer wedding stand out from the crowd is by incorporating those personal touches that make your day unique. You could use candle lit jars to outline the wedding aisle or wild flowers to add décor to the tables. There are so many ways to make your day more special and more personal to you.

5. Stunning locations

The beauty of having your wedding during the summer months is the ability to choose from a variety stunning outdoor locations. Not only will you have a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos but the warmer weather will also help to create a fantastic atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. The Longhouse wedding venue in Somerset is situated amongst some breath-taking scenery which overlooks our vineyards, the River Brue and wild flowers. Combined with the fantastic warm summer evenings, this makes it the perfect setting for a beautiful summer wedding.

If you are looking for a stunning location for your upcoming wedding, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the Longhouse website:

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