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The Longhouse Promo Video is Here!

Our promo video is ready be released to the world! Cat & Dave were kind enough to let us film their big day and we could not be more delighted with the results. Thanks to Mendip Media for all their hard work in creating this little slice of Longhouse life.


If you would like to book a viewing send us an email at:  longhouse@millonthebrue.co.uk

Easy Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration Tips

Wedding season is upon us and the Longhouse has been refreshed with a new layer of paint, new curtains have been hung, our solar panels are soaking up the sun and the gardens are springing in to life.  As we ready ourselves for our 2018 wedding couples we thought we’d share some of our favourite… Read more

Winter Weddings & Why We Love Them

A winter wedding isn’t everyone’s dream but at the Longhouse we have lots of reasons to love these weddings. We have a wonderful wood burning stove that not only looks the part but also heats the Longhouse so it is extra cosy and romantic in the winter months. With our highly insulated walls, triple glazed… Read more

Longhouse Wedding Highlights 2017

What a busy few months it has been at the Longhouse with 15 wonderful weddings since March. While every single one of them was totally unique we found that there were some quirky themes and decoration ideas that repeated themselves to excellent effect and we’ve chosen some of our favourites to help inspire. Repurposed Pallet… Read more

Flowers That Don’t Cost The Earth

Delivering an environmentally-friendly wedding can be a bit tricky. But fear not, we will be featuring a series of blogs in the coming months that look at ways to love the earth while you celebrate your love for each other. One of the things most associated with weddings are of course flowers, lots and lots… Read more

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