Planning your wedding

Planning your wedding

Weddings are a wonderful time to show who you really are. A grand country house, a marquee, something less conventional for your wedding day or The Longhouse weddings in Somerset. We have been running weddings here for the last ten years. In my experience helping couples from their initial viewing right the way through to giving them a hug good bye the day after their wedding, is that they all want to be make their wedding day unique. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible without having to spend a fortune or lots of time, but it will require a degree of creativity. Luckily the plethora of wedding websites and images from Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas from which to start. I would also suggest that it’s very easy to become overwhelmed in your wedding details especially if you enjoy sitting down in front of the TV during the winter nights making 60m of bunting or an equivalent task. Your wedding guests may not appreciate every little detail that you have had the time to include in quite the same depth.

Choosing the right decorations

I once went to a wedding where every bottle of wine had a unique label designed specifically for the day, and I’m afraid to say that I was so preoccupied with catching up with friends I simply didn’t notice. My advice is to spend your time with decorations that will be seen and appreciated and are very personal to you. If you love walking in the outdoors, as one wedding couple at the Longhouse did, consider including this interest perhaps in the name places. They learned how to fold pieces of map paper into pyramid shapes / mountains perfect for the name to be neatly written on to. Another couple who loved going to Glastonbury festival only a few miles from Bruton, bought masses of red children’s welly boots, filled them with water and placed beautiful white roses in them creating an absolutely unique and stunning focal point for each table.

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